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FREE talk in West Hartford, CT

  • Wu Healing Center 45 South Main St.  Suite 100 West Hartford, CT 06107 United States (map)

1.     A positive mental state

2.      An energetic physical condition

3.     Frequent inspiration


A good quality of life not only refers to a physical state of “no disease” or “no pain”, but also refers to a healthy mental state. A person enjoying a good quality of life is in a good state of being in which their body and mind maintain optimal function no matter how the environment changes.


Eastern wisdom is a great contribution to the world and it is useful for everyone in doing things big and small in this world. Please come and join Professor Suiqiong Wu and Meditation Master Shizhao for their lectures and exercises to find out more.



1.    Eastern Aesthetics – When all energy channels are open (By Professor Suiqiong Wu)

2.    An Introduction to Jing (精) and Shen (神) as in the unity of human and nature (by Meditation Master Shizhao)


Taoistic rejuvenating exercises:


1.     Movement of the Five Elements: It helps us to remember the co-dependent relationship between the Five Elements that are fundamental to the function of the universe. We’ll learn a few simple Fengshui practices through this exercise.


2.     Bear-Crawl: This exercise helps restore a healthy neck and tailbone, alleviate symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain, helps the blood pressure balance and stabilize, and helps recovery from cardiovascular problems.


3.     Tu-Na (Internal Cleansing Exercise):

With the help of the Six-sound mantra, we’ll guide the internal Qi (气) to cleanse negativities away from the internal organs, which will prepare the body to cultivate the supreme pure Qi. This pure Qi will restore our health and give us access to wisdom.


Time: Tuesday November 5, 2019;  2pm -5pm.

Location: 45 South Main St.  West Hartford, CT 06107

Host: Doctor  Ming Wu


Lectures are conducted in Chinese with English interpreting service. 

Free event. All are welcome. 

Contact:  Julia, 1-617-2067475
Sponsor:U.S.China Chan Cultural Exchange Association INC

U.S.-China Chan College

UCCC ShiZhao School

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