Get a healing and body treatment from Dr. Rodney Taft to help support Guangzhou TCM University Student Support Fund

Rodney Taft certificate .png

Dr. Rodney Taft has kindly donated two sessions of healing and body work to support the Guangzhou TCM University Student Support Fund! Thank you, Dr. Taft!

Each certificate is good for one treatment.

Suggested donation: $100 and up (regular price: $200)

To purchase, please call or text Dr. Ming Wu at 978-790-8888

All proceeds will go to Guangzhou TCM University Student Support Fund

Rodney received his M.D. from New York Medical College in 1988. He is also a graduate of Swedish Institute of Massage (1989) and Rolf Institute (1990). He has undergone numerous other trainings focusing on healing, bodywork, and meditative practices. 

Rodney is focusing more over time on gentler means of working- gentler hands on work, allowing energy to shift and unwind deep patterns that no longer serve us. If needed, he will still do very deep bodywork as Rolfing has a reputation for. 

As we are all connected through our hearts, distance healing sessions are also available, by telephone or otherwise.

It is important to provide relief from pain, illness, and discomfort, but Rodney’s most important concern is that a person’s heart can open more to loving positive feelings. When our hearts open to ourselves we generally feel better on all levels. 

Wei Li